1Radio Gup-Shup endeavours & create social awareness on various public interest issues such as cancer causing tobacco and 'tamul' (Betel nut) chewing menace of the North East, public toilet upkeeps and cleanliness, women education in high population growth area of Assam, flood mitigation & relief, gender sensitization etc. Radio Gup-Shup also tries to mobilize various Corporate Groups in the North East to come forward to work in these areas as their meaningful contribution by way of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

2As Charles Dickens envisaged, Radio Gup Shup puts up a very colourful and musical 'Carol Walks' down the avenues of Guwahati and other State Capitals with guitar totting carol singers which sets the tone for Christmas Eve and the New Year. Always warmly participated by youths and public in the walks, the Gup Shup 'Carol Walks' carries a spirit of carnival in the most endearing and musical way.