Show Time: 7am to 11 am Mon- Fri/ 2pm to 6pm saturday.

Most used phrase (Tag line / Takia kalam): 

Date of birth: XVII OF MARCH.

Zodiac sign: Two fish swimming together.

Pet name as a kid: Assamese version of lovely !!!

Childhood ambition: my lord during my school days I wanted to be a lawyer phir socha kanoon ko apne haath main lena sahi nahi hain..

First thing I do when I get up: used d weapon which helps one for a b’full smile :D kya aapk toothbrush main cap hain?

Last thing I do every day: so Gaya yeh jaha so gaya hain raasta .. 8 hrs of sleep..

Essentials in the wardrobe: its my personal :-)  plz don’t peep into it..

Biggest fear: Pocrescophobia REALLY! I fear of gaining weight..

Favorite hangout spots in the city: Fav spot where I can hangout with friendz is my universal gym…

I would love to be stranded on a marooned island with: gupshup family and wid dat cool man whom I have known since childhood.

About show and RJing style: show that helps you to get all the latest info in my energitic, chirpy and bubbly style....... dont forget to tune Morning Beats at 7 in d morning..

Achievements: kamyabi batayii nahi mehsoos ki jaati hain ..hayeee!!!

Hobbies: following d same routine since 10 yr nw I perfectly njoy dreaming abt my dreams..yes unknowingly all my to do list became my hobby

I am passionate about: m passionate abt good work.. ..Mujh par bharosa karke toh dekho…

My Motivation mantra: happy thought can change your life.

If not an RJ, then what? may be u would have known meah as an actress…

First on- Air experience: cant foget dat thumbs up I got on d first day on air show from my programming head Wassim Sir .hv treasured all those lil things which means a lot to meah..

Naughtiest thing have ever done:wen I ws in school I asked my friend to pluck a mango from one of r neighbours tree..

Life as an RJ: 440volt .. koi bhi moment bhag dorr karni pad sakti hain..

Favorite moment as an RJ: when r listeners connect wid us saying all those cute words for meah.

What inspires me to connect with you every day?som of r lovely listeners say listening my morning show they get energy to kickstart their day..and it inspires me to move ahead..

Message for listeners: message me wenvr u feel lyk sharing yr inspirational work.. and happy listening to Radio GupShup 94.3fm ..