RJ Megha

RJ Megha


Show Time: 1PM TO 4PM Mon to Fri / 7am to 11am Saturday / 9am to 11am Sunday

Most used phrase (Tag line / Takia kalam ):think positive ….tension free

Date of birth: 8th January 

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Pet name as a kid: kanchi

Childhood ambition: ghumenge, phirenge,nachenge gayenge aish karenge aur kya !

First thing I do when I get up: think saibaba for few seconds

Last thing I do every day: I watch news or movie before going to bed..

Essentials in the wardrobe: mekhela chadar

Biggest fear: nothing

Favorite hangout spots in the city: guess whr! A place whr ppl comes to shop for ration, cosmetic product & gifts…    :-)

I would love to be stranded on a marooned island with: a person who is made for me..

About show and RJing style: classy,,,believable

Achievements: manzil bahut dur hain…

Hobbies:singing …both online offline shopping …travelling

I am passionate about: go for Shillong or Cherapunji

My candid confession: .......?

My Motivation mantra: khudpar biswas rakho and go ahead…..

If not an RJ, then what? I will make it out definitely after retirement.

First on- Air experience: no one should ever experience this if he /she does not want to get fired from office…my 1st on air experience was wid all India radio…aftr my signature tune went on air I was laughing like a hell and could not stop myself …and d studio mahol became garma garam..

Naughtiest thing have ever done:

Life as an RJ: beautiful and masti bhara

Favorite moment as an RJ: when we Gupshup team hd spent special moments with the legend Dr. Bhupen Hazarika…..

What inspires me to connect with you every day?: your  love….

Message for listeners: think good, work good and be positive