RJ Angshuman

RJ Angshuman

Show :Just Request & U-Turn

Show Time:Just Request (mon-fri/2pm-4pm) & U-Turn(sat/7am-11am)

Most used phrase (Tag line / Takia kalam )Prakitk Bhal Paaok Prakritik Hauk

Date of birth:ssssssss….

Zodiac sign: I am officially Taurus

Pet name as a kid:Bubu/Baba

Childhood ambition:Engineer

First thing I do when I get up:My Heartiest thanx to the Lord & Good Morning wishes to my friend-the Nature

Last thing I do every day:Switch of the Lights….

Essentials in the wardrobe:Of course my things not others…..

Biggest fear:To become an Old one like Dada ji….

Favorite hangout spots in the city:My Adda spot with Friendzzz

I would love to be stranded on a marooned island with:My Near & Dear One,along with Pen-Diary,Camera,enough collection of my dresses….!

About show and RJing style:my show is based on my listerner’s fav.request numbers…so in lunch break,I feel good to always play their request…for better Lunch!

Rjing style-Simple but sharp enough to touch my Listener’s Heart…..


Achievements:My Listener’s Good Wills,Love,Supports,Musical Tonics Everyday,Mental Satisfaction....ab sirf ek Award milna baki hai!

Hobbies:Think about Something,Shopping,Jump on the Tunes,Listening Music,passes time with Kids

I am passionate about:the Stage…the Microphone…/the Mike….from which I can directly connect & entertain to the people,

My candid confession:?????

My Motivation mantra:Think Positive Do Positive & Be Positive

If not an RJ, then what?I Love to be with my Present…..!

First on- Air experience:Just Horrible,I was so nervous,that day I thought what’s going on to me….but now I am Happily Enjoying…!

Naughtiest thing have ever done:in childhood Chori chup ke Chinni churake khana.

Life as an RJ:Socially more responsible,Adventurous,Exciting,Enjoyable,Flexible.

Favorite moment as an RJ:Each & Every Moment whether it is Sweet or Bitter….

What inspires me to connect with you every day?   No doubt its my Simplicity>

Message for listeners:Love yourself to Love Others.