RJ Alisha

RJ Alisha


Show Time: mon-Friday, 9p.m-12 a.m. (METRO LIGHTS)

Most used phrase (Tag line / Takia kalam ): hamari zabaan se ek baar sunkar to dekho har lafz hi suni sunai si lagti hain. ;)

Date of birth: 4th of love season (February)

Zodiac sign: the coolest Aquarian

Nick name as a kid: maina/ maya/moni

Childhood ambition: to meet justice league team.

First thing I do when I get up: secret fitness regime

Last thing I do every day: read a book or binge watch

Essentials in the wardrobe: my denim stuff, sarees, and a white top

Biggest fear: darkness,horror movies. Oh! M claustrophobic too

Favorite hangout spots in the city: brown bean café or watching the mighty river Brahmaputra during sunset

I would love to be stranded on a marooned island with: Christian Bale but currently with Liam Hemsworth… oh wait it changes every time

About show and RJing style: metrolights- a perfect night long drive to relax your mind after a long hectic schedule. Well, am kind of classy sometimes.

Achievements: listener’s and friend’s appreciation.

Hobbies: read a book, travel, and quality time with jazz

I am passionate about: to see the world

My candid confession: diet cheater in weekends and to stalk favorite movie characters

My Motivation mantra: oh just look at my smile, isn’t motivating you?

If not an RJ, then what? Theater artist in Mumbai. Pshhhh…

First on- Air experience: expectations were high, but all of a sudden it was a flop show.

Naughtiest thing have ever done: secrets are mine.

Life as an RJ: stay like a celebrity but live like a common man.

Favorite moment as an RJ: to talk about my feelings to millions of people at the same time

What inspires me to connect with you every day? Your stories

Message for listeners: talk about your quarter-life crisis with your love one, travel, read a book, listen to good music,chill… BABU MUSHAAI.. zindagi badi honi chahiye…lambi nahi