Aapki Ritu

Aapki Ritu

Name: RITU


Show Time: Monday to Friday 9pm to 12 am.

Most used phrase (Tag line / Takia kalam ): ‘kuch bhi’..(matlab yahi phrase hai ;-) )

Date of birth: 23 jan

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

Pet name as a kid: RITU COZ log mujhe aaj bhi kid hi samajhte hen.. 

Childhood ambition: artist

First thing I do when I get up: I SEE MY MOBILE.

Last thing I do every day: THINK THAT  ki kya yaar kal phir subah- subah uthna hai…

Essentials in the wardrobe: CLOTHES…HI..HI..HI..

Biggest fear: MYSELF

Favorite hangout spots in the city: OFFICE..coz waha galti hone par HANG kiye jane ka darr rehta hai aur OUT kiye jane ka bhi…

I would love to be stranded on a marooned island with: kyo batau  ;-)

About show and RJing style: ABOUT SHOW…Just before falling asleep, we all like to spend a little time with ourself. the show is all about  love life shayeri  and talks about things we come across in life. a show which has anything to everything.

 MY RJING STYLE..HMM… I like to experiment with my show and have no second thoughts about laughing, crying on radio.. Because i don’t act but LIVE on radio! Baki profile padh ke kya hoga mujhe janna hai toh catch me LIVE tune in Monday - Friday from 9-12(mid-night)!

Achievements: The journey that I have undertaken, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been my biggest achievement.

Hobbies: all silly things that every other girl loves like rain, window shopping, Novels specially hindi,day-dreaming ,reading ,matargashti n blah blah..Blah

I am passionate about: U ;-)

My candid confession: secrete

My Motivation mantra: jane bhi do yaaron.

If not an RJ, then what? - rj to aaj bhi khud ko nahi mante hum so…next?

First on- Air experience: horrible …

Naughtiest thing have ever done: ishhhhhhhhh……

Life as an rj: ???

Favorite moment as an RJ: every single moment when I am doing my show

What inspires me to connect with you every day?- Kahi krte honge aap mera intzaar….

Message for listeners: zindagi mein do cheezein ek hi baar di jati hain zubaan aur jaan…ISLIYE DONO KA USE SOCH SMAJH KE KRNA CHAHIYE